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About Inkaland Group S.A.C.

INKALAND GROUP SAC The first Travel Agency Tour Operator whose operations are based exclusively on internet sales. You will find here the most complete Peru Travel and Vacation Guide and links to our own sites to experience Peru.

Each itinerary we offer in our Peru Travel and Adventure Tours section will be finally tailored to your needs. Passionate about adventure travel since 2008, we share your exploratory spirit and desire for exciting and authentic travel experiences. We offer adventure tours of high quality, affordable and exciting tours, Independent Travel packages and all journeys in Perú, with exciting itineraries designed to visit Lima, Nazca, Cuzco, Puno, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Huaraz, Trujillo, Tumbes, Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado, Tarapoto, Cajamarca and Copacabana - Bolivia.

Browse through our new brochure, explore our website or give us a call - our friendly, well-travelled reservations staff will help you to book your travel adventure of a lifetime!

Inkaland Group Travel is committed to responsible travel practices.

We are a friendly team composed of a great team of people highly qualified who will gently arrange an amazing trip for you. We will gently give you the best options for your trip to Peru, always giving you some recommendations for each city you may visit. And if you want to arrange a special tour, just give us your idea and we will be in charge of the rest.

Our mainly GOAL is your complete satisfaction, for that reason we work hard to improve everyday our services and make the best trip for you.
Trust in us, we will be always with you. Our 24 hour emergency telephone will be there for you if you may have any doubt or suggestion.
You will be always welcome for us.

Inkaland Group Peru Team

Cusco : Urb Ttio G1-9 Wanchaq
Phone: + 51 84 236154
Celular Phone: + 51 984 903434 / 984 088061

Lima : Nicolas de Pierola 784 (Lima Cercado)
Phone: + 51 01 4230132
Celular Phone: + 51 984 407332 / 984 442313

Why Inkaland Group?

Because we have traveled all around Peru to verify the quality of hotels and services just to give our future client an unforgettable trip.
Because we won`t offer you the well known programs, we work a lot to create and discover new villages and towns for you. Our rural tourism programs are just a sample. When you take one of this tours, you won`t only get a unique experience, you will help in the development of the communities.
Give us your trust, we will be glad to show you those villages and towns with their handmade textiles, typical dances and beautiful sightseeing.

Why are our prices so low?

Virtually all travel agencies are located outside Peru do not have an office in Peru. Our firm has two offices in Peru, in Lima, and Cuzco ready to serve you and solve any problems you may have while in the country.

Others are just middle men who add huge profit margins to the prices provided by their associate Perú operators.

We wholesale most of our packages to tour operators across the world without the intervention of local and foreign travel agents, thus saving you considerably. In other words, you get near wholesale local prices.
Inkaland Group Online does not aim at high profit margins.

Our company wants people from all over the world to enjoy Peru at a reasonable cost and return home to recommend our service to their friends.

Inkaland Group S.A.C. Is Accredited by Dircetur (Direcion Regional de Comercio exterior y Turismo).

Inkaland Group Travel is Accredited by Dircetur Direcion Regional de Comercio exterior y Turismo

Travel Agency and Tour Operator with over five years of experience in operating quality tours throughout Peru and Latin America. As a Peruvian Tourism Ministry Accredited travel agency, (DIRCETUR I.D. # 01389) and member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents I.D # 900200368) .

Accredited: Dircetur Direcion Regional de Comercio exterior y Turismo .

web site : www.dirceturcusco.gob.pe



Inkalnad Group S.A.C. is a young company, founded only a very few years ago. Thus, having been born in the present century, marked by globalisation and modernity, we have come into the world and we are growing; based on criteria that differ from the concepts of a more traditional company.

And although in Inkalnad Group, through our own vision of our company and of the future, we live immersed in a globalised and modern world, we also recognise that around us the gap between rich and poor has been accentuated, where, in countries like Peru, the base of our operations, 50% of the population live below the poverty line or in extreme poverty.

Thus, without discussing the capacity of private enterprise to generate wealth and to be a source of income and work for many people, benefits that are distributed throughout the society as a whole, we, in Inkalnad Group, are also very much convinced of the Social Responsibility that we must assume as a company.

The assumption of this concept as part of our corporative being must be materialised in clearly defined policies that promote concrete actions, as much into the interior of the organization, as well as towards the outside of the same.

Regarding the first, i.e. to the interior of the organization, this criterion in our policies of human resources is demonstrated, where the intention and the efforts of the leaders of the corporation point not only towards productivity and efficiency, but to the preparation and development, both personal and professional, of each one of the people in the organisation. Training and development that, on the other hand, has been one of the processes audited, in order for us to reach the Certification ISO 9001:2000 for our System of Quality Management.

As far as concrete actions towards the outside of the company, we have solid convictions that the basis of these actions must be a disinterested act of SOLIDARITY, that the attitude must be proactive and that the concentration of our efforts must be steered towards specific projects, so that the result of our efforts can be measured through concrete indicators.

It is for that reason that we have decided to bet on the future, that is to say, on the children, which are at the same time also amongst the most vulnerable in the present world.

We have focused our efforts on 5 main lines of action, in each one of which we have identified and incorporated the most serious organisations so that they become the channel of distribution of the result of our joint efforts, that is to say, theirs and ours, to palliate the serious consequences that globalisation and modernity have imposed on those that have less, in general, and specifically on the children.

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Inkaland.org is a foundation set up by inkaland group to support children from poor areas of the world, who are refugees, abandoned, abused, exploited or orphaned.

"I ask you to think about orphan children not as a burden but as a great opportunity.Their education and wellbeing is an investment in our future." (Angelina Jolie)

Thus, we ask you to join us in this effort to support those institutions that, with eagerness and tenacity, dedicate time and effort, in a transparent and disinterested way, towards objectives that only look for the benefit of those to which life has denied any opportunity at all. Let us together dream of a better world, trusting than the sum of your contribution, however small it may be, will contribute to our joint effort supporting those who have less. Help us to help them


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